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Membership, The Benefits


Members of The Gresham Club can enjoy the following benefits:

•   The friendship and camaraderie of like-minded professional folk,
•   Monthly "Club Tables" - lunches at select London restaurants,
•   Organised events including city tours and selected sporting and social events,
•   A chance to join our Gresham Golf group which organises trips to some of the top courses in the South East of England,
•   Virtual meetings (via Zoom) while the lockdown measures are in place,
•   We are currently seeking reciprocal arrangements with other clubs and dining establishments.

Becoming a Member of Our Club

Currently, The Gresham Club has just one type of Membership and we are open to all. The annual membership fee is excellent value at only £75. To minimise our administrative costs, we require that your annual membership renewal be automatic - via credit card payment. You will be given 30 days' notice of renewal prior to any payments being taken.

To become a member of The Gresham Club is simple. You need two existing members to propose and second you, one of whom must be a member of the Board of Directors. If you are not currently known to your seconder, then a telephone or face-to-face conversation will be arranged.

We ask that, before making an application, all candidates should read our Members Charter

You then apply to join - using the link below, paying your first year's membership fee. Your application will be assessed at the next monthly Board meeting and you will be informed of the result by email. Should your application not be successful, your fee will be refunded in full.

If you wish to enquire about becoming a member of The Gresham Club, please contact our membership secretary.

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